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Work is easier with AI 

It gives you instant knowledge. Try it for youself.

Knowledge Assistants give you all the incredible benefits of Gen AI, but with your data securely  protected.

Imagine you could chat with your organisation's entire digital knowledge base, including MIS data, admission policies, HR policies, Departmental reports, marketing material, and curriculum information. Imagine how powerful that would be for you and your staff to ask complex questions and get instant answers. To save time getting AI to write emails, summarise complex information, generate reports, and make quick, better-informed decisions. All from AI solutions that don’t hallucinate and are secure in a Private ChatGPT hosted in your Azure tenant. Now you don't have to imagine. You can try it for yourself with a free trial of a Knowledge Assistant trained on your information. Find out more about the free trial here.

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The possibilities are endless. Supported by our expertise in AI security, you'll be able to unlock even greater value for your organisation

See for yourself

We've created free resources for Education so you can see for yourself the power of Retrieval Augmented Generative (RAG) AI when it's trained on a specific set of documents and information. Try them. Then imagine what it can do for you and your team.

Disclaimer: All our Assistants are trained on publicly available information. AI tools can sometimes return incomplete or incorrect information. While we have done everything we can to resolve this problem, you should always check the reference sources and information for yourself.

One solution

Many uses

Private ChatGPT enables you to query, search, enquire and analyse exactly the same as the publicly available versions, but without the security and privacy problems. 

It is the basis for our highly effective productivity "Assistants". Assistants turn your extremely valuable information in old unstructured documents into new, organised, and instantly accessible intelligence. A process that currently takes significant time and effort can now be done cheaply and easily in minutes by anyone with the right access.

Assistants use Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) AI so you can use natural language querying on your enterprise data. And becauses that data is the single source of truth, it tackles the issues of hallucination, and addresses all your security and privacy concerns.

Below are several example use cases that we've explored with other organisations. 
You'll no doubt come up with your own.


Use Cases
Data analytics

Let people find out for themselves

  • Make analysing and querying complex data sets quick and easy for everyone

  • Mine customer, financial, HR and any other data sets using natural language querying (e.g. Who were my top 10 customers in Q1?")

Policy compliance

Great for HR

  • Makes sure everyone in every location in every job knows what to do in any situation

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Quickly writes emails based on question context

  • Ensures consistency across all your policies

  • Organisation wide version control

  • Staff can't say they didn't know

Proposal builder

Bidding for work/funding

  • Respond to and win more bids faster

  • Instantly create first drafts for your bid teams using the best of your organisation's knowledge

  • Answer ‘exam questions’ in the best possible way based on the bid scoring criteria

  • Creates one consistent ‘tone of voice’

  • Private and secure

Corporate knowledge

Build on what's been achieved

  • Retain corporate knowledge when people leave

  • Know what's been said, done, and decided at previous meetings

  • Avoid duplication

  • Save time searching archives

  • Use natural language queries to instantly get to the information you need

Public report analysis

Learn from others

  • Quickly extract key information from publicly available reports (e.g. try our Ofsted Assistant)

  • Identify what has delivered ‘Outstanding’ results for others

  • Build those ideas and learnings into your own plans

Crisis management

So your people know what to do

  • Make sure every person on the frontline in every location knows what to do in any situation

  • Supports multiple languages

  • Voice activation

  • Easy to use on a mobile device

Archive searching

One for charities and museums

  • Income generation opportunities from giving access to archives and sponsoring assistants

  • Drive founder ethos and culture through the organisation (e.g. ask "What would Thomas Corham do?")

  • Give quick and easy access to archives of information

Customer service

Give outstanding advice and support

  • Provides accurate information quickly for advisers to answer customer queries

  • Consistency and quality of answers from all advisers

  • Create emails, letters etc. quickly, consistently and accurately in a standard 'tone of voice'

Technical Documentation

Get quick, easy-to-understand answers

  • Interogate technical documents, trade manuals, and instruction handbooks

  • For external customers and internal customer service and engineering staff

  • Demonstrate how your products and services solve your customers' specific problems (for an example, see our Heating Assistant)

We recognise that you're probably more bothered about what we can do to solve your problems and generate opportunities for you than you are about who we are, but just in case...


We want SMEs and Public Sector organisations to take advantage of the opportunities created by the rapidly evolving AI innovations. Organisations that wouldn't necessarily have the in-house expertise or large pots of cash that the big guys have.


We want people like you to be able take advantage of AI cheaply, quickly, and easily, without having to manage the technicalities and risks involved. Our founding team have created several successful businesses in technology and consulting in both the Private and Public sectors.


If you really want to find out more, please get in touch, but we'd rather talk about how we can help you than talk about ourselves. That's much more exciting. For both of us.

About us

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